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Wellmeadow supports growing companies in three core areas; Board Support, HubSpot Support, and Content Creation.  

We've worked with over 100+ businesses across sectors such as automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, legal, SaaS, and professional services.

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Our Top 6 Free Copywriting Tools for Inbound Marketers

Our Top 6 Free Copywriting Tools for Inbound Marketers

If you’re a copywriter, you’ll know it takes a great deal of time and attention to create engaging content.

But do you know about the online software and tools available? There are a multitude of headline generators, analyzers, AI content editors, spelling checkers and word counters available to enhance your content and speed up the copywriting process.

That's why we've selected our top 6 picks for the best FREE copywriting tools and software to help you become a better writer.

So whether you're writing copy for a website, blog article, or social post - here are our favourite free tools to help:

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80 percent of readers never go beyond a headline, so first impressions are crucial. Created by Impact (Marcus Sheridan's inbound marketing agency), BlogAbout generates prompts to help you choose an engaging title.

how it works:

  1. It generates common business topics, such as ‘customer service’ and ‘growth’ for inspiration and brainstorming. 

  2. It then creates a variety of titles with blank spaces in to fill with your own keywords.

  3. A heart icon button allows you to save and log the titles you like. You can also  email the titles to yourself!

Free online copywriting tool BlogAbout


It is quick and easy-to-use. 


It has limited features.


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EMV Headline Analyzer

EMV Headline Analyzser scores your title based on how well your marketing content addresses people’s emotions (referred to as Emotional Marketing Value).

Emotion is key in resonating with online visitors, with studies showing that emotional content performs twice as well than unemotional content. 

How It Works:

Your EMV score is dictated by the number of EMV words you have in relation to the total amount of words in your headline. It also tells you the average EMV percentage for professional copywriting so that you can compare it to your own score.


Interestingly, it also classifies your headline as one of three emotional types based on your word choices:

Screenshot of EMV (Emotional Headline Analyzer) tool - three emotional types


It assigns you a score that you can improve on and compare with other headlines.


It would be more helpful if it highlighted the emotional words you use. 




Wordtune cleverly rewrites your content using a form of artificial intelligence called NLP (an acronym for natural language processing).

How it Works:

When you type or paste your content in the textbox, Wordtune offers a list of  suggestions to select from to replace your original text. It can improve your sentence structure and make your writing shorter or longer.



It is particularly useful for marketers who want to repurpose their writing across different formats or platforms.

It works on a variety of browsers and on many other popular applications, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


It is limited to rephrasing 280 words at a given time, so it does not work on longer pieces of text. 



Hemingway Editor

Named after the literary master, Hemingway Editor is the go-to tool to make your writing more concise.

How It Works:

It highlights errors and lengthy sentences in your content using a colour coded system, with each colour representing a type of problem and the improvement needed:

  • Yellow: shows a sentence that is too long - shorten it or split it into two smaller sentences

  • Red: shows a sentence that is complicated and unclear to read – reword

  • Purple: shows a phrase or word that has a simpler alternative – select one of the suggested shorter words

  • Blue: shows adverbs or weakening phrases – delete and pick a word that is less hesitant

  • Green: shows passive voice. Use an active voice instead to make your statement sound more powerful



It works on almost all web browsers and it helps to improve your own editing skills over time.


It only works if you want short and simple sentences, as it penalises long sentences.




WordCounter is a counting tool with an impressive amount of features, using statistics to offer you a detailed analysis of your content.

How it Works:

Type or paste content into the text box to keep track of how many words and characters you have used. This is particularly beneficial if you are writing towards a fixed word count.

Navigate towards the tool bar for additional insights, such as reading level, reading time, and speaking time. It can even offer information on keyword distribution by counting how many times particular keywords crop up in your text.

WordCounter free word counting software


It offers a wide range of insights to select from.


Some features, such as the reading level, are not completely accurate. 




ChatGPT is a new chatbot tool from using advanced AI algorithms. It can write essays, emails, poetry, can answer questions and craft written content. It’s the next step in software for copywriting, and it’s ability to create human-like text is presenting both opportunities, and challenges for copywriters.

ChatGPT's interface works like a conversation, where the uses asks questions and the chatbot responds with content based upon the training it has received. Short and long form copy and answers can be generated. 


ChatGPT has an intuitive interface, and is free to use. For copywriters, the tool can create copy fast; including email content, ads, scripts and blog posts.

ChatGPT can also be used to direct initial research, create an initial outline or generate some interesting thoughts or inspiration on a topic to get started. It's a powerful tool that can make copywriting faster.


ChatGPT can not accurately replicate the creativity, personality and originality that a human writer has, and uses in their writing.

Importantly for inbound marketing copywriting, ChatGPT can’t yet write with a deep understanding on buyer personas and target audience, limiting its ability to write persuasive, engaging copy.

It would be tempting to assume ChatGPT represents a threat to copywriters, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Instead, ChatGPT can be a useful tool in a copywriter’s toolkit, potentially adding real value to support better, more value-added copywriting.


These copywriting tools are well-worth applying to your work and content as part of your inbound strategy. They are user-friendly, informative, and provide you with numerical data and inspiration, helping you achieve your marketing goals. 

There are some limitations to consider with each tool, but use them simultaneously to make the most of their strengths. 

Interested in learning more about inbound marketing? Download our FREE "Intro to Inbound" e-book.

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