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Cassie Mulhall

Cassie Mulhall is a Digital Marketing Assistant at Wellmeadow Ltd. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature with Creative Writing.

2 min read

What is a buyer persona?

You can only create content tailored towards a specific audience when you know who that audience is! For that reason, buyer personas are a key component of the inbound methodology. 

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3 min read

Creating A Content Strategy: The Basics

In this blog, we’ll be addressing content strategy for inbound marketing, an integral pillar of the philosophy. So keep reading if you want to know what content strategy is, why you need it, and the basics to get you started.  

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4 min read

How The Inbound Methodology Can Revive Your SME’s Marketing Strategy

If you haven’t read Marcus Sheridan’s ‘They Ask, You Answer’ yet, you’re missing a trick.

Sheridan’s 2017 book retells how he completely revived his fibreglass pool business that was struggling following the 2008 housing collapse, and features case...

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