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Roger Martin-Fagg's October 2021 Economic Report

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It's already three months since Roger's last forecast so here we go again with our independent house economist's view of what's happening in the economy, what we should expect (and why) and some tips for business owners.


In this update, Roger outlines the reasons why businesses are experiencing significant labour supply issues since the lockdowns have ended.  The blame game is in full swing, with Brexit often quoted as the culprit, but Roger points out that this is a multi-variant issue.

This update covers:

  • The global impact of the $19 Trillion of new money created in the last 18 months
  • Is inflation a blip or here for a while? 
  • The impact of UK demographics on wage growth
  • UK money supply
  • The cultural factors behind the UK's productivity figures. 

This is one of many resources we use with our clients when we chair their board meetings and help them drive growth. Not everyone has the time to read it themselves so we have produced this quick video summary to give you the highlights.

You can download the full report below.