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Roger Martin-Fagg's February 2022 Economic Report

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Three months since his last forecast in October 2021, Roger Martin-Fagg has released his first economic report of 2022.

Our independent house economist will report on what's happening in the economy and what we should expect in 2022 (and why).

This is one of many resources we use with our clients when we help them drive growth. Not everyone has the time to read it themselves so we have produced this quick video summary to give you the highlights (6 mins).


In this update, Roger focusses on inflation and the causes of it. He goes in to more detail about the labour shortages and talks a lot about all the excess money in the world which is driving prices up. He gives his usual update on the possible effects of Brexit and as is traditional for his first report of the year, he gives his forecasts on the main economic indicators.

This update covers:

  • The inflationary impact of the $17 Trillion of excess money in the world
  • How long will this high inflation last?
  • Where did 3 million workers go?
  • When will interest rates go up again?
  • What about energy prices?
  • Forecasts for 2022 on growth, inflation, interest rates and Forex.

You can download the full report below.