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Roger Martin-Fagg's October 2022 Economic Report

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Roger Martin-Fagg December 2022 Economic Report

The October report has dropped a few weeks earlier this year - and no prizes for guessing why. The economy is hot news and changing fast. If ever we needed a trusted (and sometimes irreverent) take on what on earth is going on, then it's now.

Roger Martin-Fagg is a regular on our blog, and we summarise his musings in our own video summary. This is one of many resources we use with our clients when we help them drive growth.  As mentioned in the video we have invited Roger to come speak live, find out more below.

If interested you can download the video transcript here

In this update, Roger's focus unsurprisingly is on the recent mini-budget, its intended effect and then the probable effects. He doesn't say so (as he is far too polite) but I don't think he is very impressed with our new Chancellor of the Exchequer or his Prime Minister.

This update covers:

  • The new Treasury Orthodoxy
  • The Fiscal Rules and how we broke them
  • The Housing Market  - some myth busters and predictions
  • Where's the UK and what are the prospects?
  • Our main trading partners - USA, EU & China
  • The UK Budget - a Big Gamble
  • Predictions for inflation, wage growth, GDP growth, exchange rates, house price growth, unemployment and base rates.

You can watch our video summary above and download a pdf of the full report below.