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Roger Martin-Fagg's December 2022 Economic Report

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Roger Martin-Fagg April 2023 Economic Report

The final report of the year has dropped. It's time to find out what Roger Martin-Fagg is thinking in his December 2022 forecast.

Roger Martin-Fagg is a regular on our blog, and we summarise his musings in our own video summary. This is one of many resources we use with our clients when we help them drive growth.  


In this update, Roger debunks a few economic myths which have crept in to the public perception. These include the links between taxation and investment, investment and productivity and personal tax and welfare benefits on the amount of work people do. He also has a thing or two to say about 'trickle down economics'. It turns out we're all wrong.

As is tradition for the last report of the year, Roger sets out his forecasts for 2023 - GDP, Inflation, Mortgage and Base rates of interest and Forex rates.

He even has a section on the weather.

You can watch our video summary above and download a pdf of the full report below.


Download RMF Report