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Wellmeadow supports growing companies in three core areas; Board Support, HubSpot Support, and Content Creation.  

We've worked with over 100+ businesses across sectors such as automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, legal, SaaS, and professional services.

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5 Vital Hubspot Reports For Your Campaigns

5 Vital Hubspot Reports For Your Campaigns

You have just completed a great marketing campaign that's generated new leads and new deals. However, how can you tell what actually worked? What parts of the campaign really appealed to customers? That's where reports and data comes in.

By reviewing and analysing the statistics from a marketing campaign you can demonstrate what's worked, and possibly more importantly, what can be improved for next time. HubSpot provides some great reporting options to review during and after a campaign to ensure you are getting the best return on your efforts.

1. Returning Contacts

Who keeps returning to your website and why? Is there potential to reach out?

An existing contact keeps revisiting your product range page on your website, could this client be wanting to buy more? Knowing who is viewing your website and what they view is a great insight to potentially identify new opportunities. With the Returning Contacts report you can further understand what contacts are repeatedly engaging with, how many times they’ve visited and what part of the customer life cycle they are at. Within the contacts themselves you can also view what pages they are viewing to identify possible further prospects.

Example contact record with how many times they have visited the website

2. Form Reporting

Where are these new contacts coming from? What forms are the most popular with potential clients?

Generating leads is vital for your business so it is crucial to understand at what point your customers are successfully making contact. By understanding what works, you can then replicate the style, techniques or copy to other pages of your website so they also have the same appeal to potential clients and hopefully then have the same results.

Hubspot allows you to filter your data by date, form type, submission and conversion rates. Understanding what and when is working will ensure you can keep attracting new leads and in turn create new customers.

3. Average Time To Respond Over Time

Are you meeting your contacts expectations in their customer journey? Are you providing excellent customer service?

Customer service is vital in maintaining a client relationship, and this tool allows you to view how long a customer is kept waiting for a response. The report demonstrates the average time for someone to respond to a ticket, and most interestingly comparing that to the average of a previous amount. If you are pushing an improvement in customer contact time, this report is perfect to ensure that no client is kept waiting.

Example of Average Time to Respond bar graph

4. Trends

What methods are reaching your customers? Are more people interacting with emails or adverts?

This report as part of Traffic Analytics, allows you view and understand what people are viewing to then click through to their website from criteria such as email, referrals and search results. It also will highlight and any potential increases or decreases in those numbers. This report ensures you are investing your time and efforts into what is appealing to your customers and be aware of any changes so they can be proactively investigated and amended if needed. Reports are not just for the end of a campaign, review reports throughout a campaign to ensure it is hitting the right targets. Trends allows us to see not only what is or isn’t working but the numerical impact that is then having.

5. Revenue Attribution Reporting

What content is actually making money? What is having the best ROI?

This clever report utilises information from contact activity data and the “closed-won” deal segment, to map the specific parts of a campaign reached the contact and what role they played in that customer’s journey. This report can view content type, channels and interaction types. It also can be further broken down to understand what revenue can be attributed to an individual source to really know if you are getting a return on investment in a specific area of a campaign.


Can I Take The Data Any Further?

Whilst HubSpot has great functionality to run reports to create meaningful and important data for your business, did you know you can get even more insights using additional services such as Databox. Databox allows for direct HubSpot integration to create personalised, significant reports to ensure you are hitting your identified KPIs. Databox includes smart goals to really demonstrate and ensure your marketing campaign is doing exactly what it needs to and actively monitor any changes.

Reporting is a key step to inbound marketing particularly when you're setting SMART goals.  If you're interested in inbound marketing, why not download our FREE "Intro to Inbound" e-book?

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