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Let's talk
Let's talk
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Roger Martin-Fagg is coming to Shrewsbury on 21 June

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As many regular readers will know, we publish Roger's economic forecasts every three months and this always triggers some great feedback.

We have invited Roger to come to Shrewsbury on 21 June to speak in person. He will present his latest forecasts, updated to the current day. We will then no doubt have a lively debate.

The last time we invited him to speak we had a great evening of discussion. This time Roger is staying locally and has offered to join us for a pint afterwards so we can quiz him even further.

All are welcome to attend. The event will be hosted in a central Shrewsbury location like the museum. It is planned to start at 5:30 and generally lasts 60-90 minutes followed by a discussion and then a local pub.

We are looking to split his speaker fee across the attendees so it looks like it will cost around £125 per seat (+VAT) - or less if more people come.

Please feel free to use the share buttons below to promote this across your network.

Even though the full relaxation of restrictions has been put back from 21 June, we are still able to hold the event. The venue has been chosen to allow for social distancing and is considerably over-sized to ensure adequate ventilation. Unfortunately we won't be able to have a stand up pint in a pub afterwards, but come along to have a high quality talk and discussion at the same time.

If you would like to come, please email for more details.