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Roger Martin-Fagg's May 2021 Economic Report

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It's already three months since Roger's last forecast so here we go again with our independent house economist's view of what's happening in the economy, what we should expect (and why) and some tips for business owners.

Roger loves to give his commentary some historical context and this update is no exception - both the long term with the evolution of economic theory and the more recent history of boom-bust cycles and what causes them. All very valuable revision to keep our views grounded, and not to get carried away.

His main topics this month are:

  • Government Stimulus - Is it justified? How much? What are the consequences?
  • Is there a boom coming? What will happen to inflation and labour?
  • How to prepare as a business - ride the wave, but be ready for it to end.
  • 7 Tips for business owners
  • Beware of skewed journalism!

This is one of many resources we use with our clients when we chair their board meetings and help them drive growth. Not everyone has the time to read it themselves so we have produced this quick video summary to give you the highlights.


Whether you watch that or not, you can download the full report here: