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Roger Martin-Fagg's February 2021 Economic Report

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Roger, our independent 'house economist' has produced his next economic update, sooner than we were expecting - barely more than two months since the last one. There's a lot going on.

As always, Roger starts with some heavy economics (this time on inflation) but stick with it for some great content - as ever. He has delivered a hefty report which covers some pretty significant topics which are all front of mind for businesses and board rooms at the moment:

  • Is Inflation Dead?
  • Will we have another 'Roaring 20s'?
  • The UK March Budget
  • Brexit (again)
  • Forex forecasts
  • House Prices

Roger draws upon relevant historical comparisons, not just the the 1920s boom but also the advent of consumer debt driving the new car industry 100 years ago, the innovation equivalents today and more recently the 2008 crash.

This is one of many resources we use with our clients when we chair their board meetings. Not everyone has the time to read it themselves so we have produced this quick video summary to give you the highlights.


Whether you watch that or not, you can download the full report here:


(includes bonus content: an interview by Dave Parry where Roger gives advice to school pupils on a career in Economics)