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Behind the Scenes: Creating a Video to Attract Candidates

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How do you get your job advert to stand out against the crowd? How do you really communicate your company to a potential candidate? A recruitment video could be your answer! 

As Wellmeadow started to expand the team, we decided we wanted our job advert to really sell what working at Wellmeadow was like. We wanted to create a video that would capture the workplace, reflect our company vision and communicate our work. After an idea session with the team, there was two clear tones that we wanted the video to portray: the professional and polished side of the business and then the creative, imaginative side. This then began the challenge of capturing this in one video. Just want to see the video? Click here!



To start the process, after the initial ideas, the concept was storyboarded and script written. Once this was settled on, we filmed a concept video on an iPhone so we were able to check the flow and feel of the video. This initial video, presented us with one main opinion across the board, it was too long! This then led to a careful edit of the script to ensure only included the key messages but whilst still keeping the tone we had set as a key goal for the video. 

We then decided the video would have several edits depending on platform it would be featured on to ensure it would be the right length and tone for that platform. 

Key takeaways:

  • - Having a thorough storyboard and script is key for a time effective production

  • - Not everything will work as you envisioned, stay flexible!

  • - Create a quick "budget" version of your video, use stock for lesser shots, to check your video. This extra step will save you time and money in the long run of the shoot.

iPhone reenactment of recruitment video in premier pro



We then set to recording the video in full quality. The recordings were taken over a series of days to accommodate different schedules of the team, which set the challenge in editing to make the shots look seamless in terms of colouring and lighting. Typically, the day filming outside, it was 1C and set to snow, but as professionals we powered through the cold to get some great shots walking around the town.

On the main filming day the walkthrough of the office shot was filmed, this gave us a fast, onset learning experience, especially the logistics of battling with an inflatable cowboy outfit. The biggest challenge for this section was balancing the safety of filming the shot with a small team. One person had to guide the camera man safely through the route whilst they walked backwards, which then guided Richard through the office. The shot was successfully filmed with zero injuries! We also experienced some issues in microphone placement with the rustling of the costume but did not realise until editing.

Key takeaways:

  • - When filming a video, you can be as thorough in your planning as anything but you will have to think on your feet incase of potential challenges!

  • - Finalise a schedule with as much notice as possible to film the video in the smallest time frame possible, this allows for more time to edit or for potential reshoots when facing a deadline

behind the scenes photo from wellmeadow recruitment video featuring richard in an inflatable cowboy costume infront of the greenscreen



We then edited the first draft of the video and quickly realised the video would need some reshoots of B-Roll. There was some issues with the lighting in one location so decided to refilm those as well as recording some shots with different team members in to include some more variety and increase our b-roll catalogue for further videos.

When watching the draft, it was decided the transition from the initial interviews to the walkthrough shot was too harsh, so needed to way to merge the professional part of the video to the creative part. We then came up with the idea of the team sitting in the boardroom and using chrome key to place the walkthrough video on the screen like we were watching it during a team meeting. We also added a 80s-esque style title to ease into the old video effect on the start of the walkthrough section.

Key takeaways:

  • - Focus on the overall feel of the video, how does it work as a whole? You may find your favourite shot doesn't work with the tone of the rest, make sure it all works together and fits the purpose. 

  • - Have numerous people watch the content, we are always our own harshest critique so have others comment on the video, especially those the video is targeted at. 

  • - There is never enough b-roll! Always film more than your storyboard needs as you never know if you'll need extra. It can always be used in further videos, saving time in the future. We have a great blog on creating b-roll footage, available here.

employees in the boardroom looking at green screen in wellmeadow recruitment video



Once reshoots were complete, the final edit was done and ready to really illustrate life at Wellmeadow. Have a watch below:


If the video has sold you on working here, take a look at our recruitment page. If you think your business could use help in your marketing strategy for recruitment and beyond, get in touch