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CJSS calculator

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The final details of the new Coronavirus Job Support Scheme (CJSS) are still to be announced but we have to make some decisions based on what we have. One of the most common questions we have been asked is what it is actually going to cost to employ someone on one, two, three days per week.

The tricky bit is making sure you have allowed enough for the Employer's National Insurance and Pension contributions - which have to be made on the whole gross pay, not just the part that the company has to pay. Time for a quick spreadsheet. Thanks to Fergus Camier for his fantastic model which we tweaked slightly to create this version.

Did you know that someone working 1 day per week costs you 137% of their daily cost, but 2 days per week only costs you a 13% premium?


Many thanks to Fergus Camier for his assistance with the template.