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What's a Typical Board Meeting Agenda?

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A successful meeting needs to have a few key ingredients, and one of these is a good agenda. A Board Meeting without an agenda is not likely to be very effective and could cause serious governance issues.

We have developed the board meeting agenda that we use over several years of chairing over 200 board meetings per year. It broadly breaks down into three sections:

  • Governance
  • Reporting
  • Strategy

Here is the full agenda we use:

Agenda for the [Company Name] Board Meeting
to be held at 10:00 am on 1 October 2020 at 100 Wellmeadow Road

Formalities and governance
1 Formalities & Apologies
3 Declaration of Conflicts of Interests
4 AOB - Items to add to the agenda
5 Review of minutes of the last meeting
6 Review of outstanding actions
7 Matters Arising
8 Decisions made since last meeting
9 Risk Register and Bribery Act Log
10 Policy Review

11 Health, Safety and Environment
12 Finance
13 Sales & Marketing
14 Operations
15 HR

Strategic Projects
16 Project 1
17 Project 2
18 Project 3
19 Date of next meeting

You should try to split your time carefully to make sure you don't run out of time before you get to the more important points. Aim for at least half the meeting on the Strategic Projects.

You can read more tips about running board meetings here or you can download a free pdf of the complete Good Board Meeting Guide to take away.