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Richard Buckle

Ever used Roblox to interview candidates?

Ever used Roblox to interview candidates? My 10-year-old daughter just ran a recruitment process on Bloxburg and it got me thinking!

How to select a long list of candidates

The primary objective of the “Selection” phase of any recruitment process is to narrow the field of...

how to design and run great evaluation interviews

Having arrived at the point where the four best candidates have made it through the selection...

Analyse your culture to help your recruitment

Your organisation's culture and values are integral to everything you do. They could be considered...

Defining job roles to attract talent

A carefully considered person specification is a vital component of a successful recruitment...

using online interviews to create your short list

The purpose of this part of the selection phase is to achieve a list of approximately four...

Motivate to Cultivate

Motivate your employees so you can reduce disengagement and increase the quality of your output.