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Andrea Richardson

The Challenge of Employer Branding for SMEs

Take a leaf out of the multi-national playbook and stand out against your competition as employers of choice.

Tackling unconscious bias in recruitment

Diversity, equality and inclusivity (DEI) has become a big area of focus for HR professionals and...

A great candidate experience will benefit everyone

A good recruitment process considers the candidate experience at every stage, including in online...

Don't Just Hire - Inspire

How far are you going to attract and retain the best candidates for your company?

Beginning your Wellbeing Journey

If you're still not convinced of the necessity of a wellbeing programme, let the figures speak for...

Five Top Tips for Assessing CVs

It’s said that recruitment consultants spend an average of 6-7 seconds assessing a CV on first...

Employee Lifecycle

All too often, we see scenarios of neglected employees at various stages of their careers.  Some...